Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (13:15): On 5 March, I was very pleased to visit Canberra Grammar School for the official opening of the Snow Centre for Education in the Asian Century. The Snow centre comprises a new facility which has transformed the frontage of the school campus and is dedicated to educating students to be global citizens, particularly in the Asian century.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (13:52): I am really pleased to follow Senator Lines and to respond to the absurd arguments that have been put by Senator Lines and others. It is a telling reflection of the quality of debate in this place at times when we hear an argument like the one we have just heard from Senator Lines. It was absurd and ridiculous. I want to go to some of the most ridiculous parts of it, because it encapsulates what is going on here. We have Senator Lines saying, 'There is no-one supporting this reform.' Her evidence is to trot out the views of the National Union of Students. The NUS is against it and therefore it must be a bad idea.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (20:34): I thank other senators for their contributions to this debate on the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014, I think if only to highlight some of the absurdity that the Labor Party and the Greens continue to argue in this space.

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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (12:37): It is my pleasure to rise in support of the Migration Amendment (Protection and Other Measures) Bill 2014 today. I thank Senator Back and other senators for their contributions to this debate.


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Senator SESELJA  (Australian Capital Territory) (13:45): On 17 October I had the great privilege of attending the MS Go for Gold award ceremony for 2014 at the Town Centre Vikings Club, Tuggeranong. The Go for Gold scholarships are awarded to people living with multiple sclerosis who display a need and potential in various aspects of life. In attendance—along with my colleague Senator Kate Lundy—was the Director of Disability ACT, Richard Baumgart, key MS staff and directors, including the MS CEO Robyn Hunter, senior manager Susan Tame and ACT and southern New South Wales manager, Ann Lehmann. 


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