Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (16:39): I am very happy to follow on from Senator Gallagher because she has repeated the falsehoods she made outside this place around health funding. The Department of Health has confirmed that Senator Gallagher was simply making it up.

Senator Wong: I know it's hard to cope with, but she beat you!

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (15:06): I want to respond to all three areas that the Labor Party have raised in their questioning of ministers today. Senator Collins touched on two of them. If this is the best the Labor Party have got, they are in serious trouble. Let us look at each of them. Senator Collins has come here on this issue around the letter and the best attack that she could make was that it took three days to get to the bottom of the matter. That seems to be at the heart of the criticism from Senator Collins. I say to Senator Collins and to other senators opposite that, when it comes to national security, our record is one we are very proud of. It is an issue we treat with the utmost seriousness.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (10:53): It is a pleasure to rise today to speak on Senator Xenophon's Food Standards Amendment (Fish Labelling) Bill 2015. I want to first acknowledge the clear passion and commitment on this issue. Senator Xenophon's views, of course, broadly are in line with many in the Australian community who want to know the origin of their food. We do have some of the finest produce and food products in the world. Australian farmers, fishers and all those in the food industry can be very proud of what we are able to do across the nation in supplying high-quality food both for other Australians and for many around the world.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (18:46): I am pleased to speak to the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Exit Arrangements) Bill 2015. This bill is a technical one dealing with how Comcare is funded when premium payers under the scheme exit. The ACT government announced in February this year that it is consulting its workforce on plans to leave the Comcare scheme.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (16:50): I am happy to speak against this motion. As I was listening to Senator Milne, I was reminded of some of the talk about the ferals in the Senate that we have heard in recent times. This is a motion that would seek to make ferals of us all. It is the sort of motion that is part of the Greens overall agenda to shut down the coal industry that will send us all back to the caves.

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