Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (13:46): Madam Acting Deputy President, can I say that I was in a committee meeting and that is why I was coming a little bit later, although I was told that I was to be on at quarter to two, so I imagined that someone had finished early. I think there was a little bit of pettiness from Senator Bilyk, as I was about two foot away—


Senator Bilyk interjecting


Senator SESELJA:Senator Bilyk has been in a bit of funny space today. Perhaps some usual courtesies could be applied in this place. We often apply courtesies to one another.


The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator O'Neill): Senator Seselja, you have the call to make a senator's statement.

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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (13:19): It is great to follow my friend and colleague Senator Williams in speaking to this very important piece of legislation. Let us be crystal clear: this legislation is about a fundamental difference between the coalition and those opposite—the Labor Party and the Greens—based on what was expressed earlier today in the debate. The fundamental difference is that we believe that people's hard-earned money is their money. We believe that you should not be raiding people's bank accounts. You should not be raiding their super accounts. You should be leaving people with as much control of their own money as is possible, keeping the tax burden as low as possible and certainly not looking for new and inventive ways to raid people's savings.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (10:57): I rise today to speak on the Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (2015 Budget Measures) Bill 2015. I am pleased to be able to speak to this bill today because it is another opportunity for this parliament to do the right thing by those who have served our country.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (09:55): I want to speak on the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Consumer Lease Exclusion) Bill 2015 and say up-front that the government does not support it. And that is not because we do not support the intention behind this bill. I understand much of what Senator Cameron is saying about some of these rip-off merchants, and we agree with that; I do not disagree with many of the points Senator Cameron has made. But what I want to speak to today is the practicalities of this bill—why we think it is misguided, why we think it would not achieve what Senator Cameron no doubt genuinely wants it to achieve. So, I will go through some of those. We need to make sure that any changes to the system are well-targeted and actually do what we need them to do. Unfortunately, this bill, while it would exclude consumer leases from income management, would not stop Centrepay deductions for consumer leases.

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Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (16:24): I am really grateful for the opportunity to speak on this issue. I think it is an issue of absolute critical importance. No-one can look at this area and not be frustrated and moved by the complexity and the size of this problem. There are no easy answers in this report. It does not pretend that there are any easy answers. It was a unanimous report, even if there were bits and pieces that we differed over. The broad thrust of the report, I think, is very good and lays out a whole range of really important recommendations. I commend the report to the Senate.

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