Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (09:40): I hate racism and bigotry. I cannot understand how someone can look at the colour of someone's skin, their gender or their ethnic background and make broad, sweeping assumptions about their moral virtue, their suitability for a role or whether they should be part of an organisation or grouping. But, unfortunately, the reality is that racism and bigotry have been part of the world in which we live for a very long time. That said, I also know that one of the great things about modern Australia is that, while these kinds of attitudes are still around, they have become increasingly isolated and rare.


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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (17:30): I am pleased to be supporting the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Debit Card Trial) Bill 2015. This bill is absolutely critical to finding ways to deal with social harm, particularly violence against women and children, caused by welfare-enabled alcohol and drug abuse. This bill will allow for the introduction of a cashless debit card trial for up to three different communities. These communities will be selected for the trial on the basis of high-welfare dependence and high-social-harm indicators and also openness from community leaders to participate in the trial. The trial will run for 12 months, be limited to 10,000 participants and be subject to independent evaluation. This card is an important recommendation from the Forrest review report, Creating Parity, as a way of dealing with significant harm occurring in heavily welfare-dependent communities.

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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (15:18): It is great to have the opportunity to respond to the Labor Party. In listening to the contributions so far, it is hard to know who to give the bigger own-goal question to—whether it is the Labor Party asking about penalty rates, given Bill Shorten's record, or whether it is Senator Lambie with questions around Chinese money donations, given how the Palmer campaign was funded at the last federal election.


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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (15:06): It is great to be able to respond to Senator Conroy and the rant that we just heard. What is clear about the Labor Party and what was made clear again by that contribution from Senator Conroy is that they are not concerned about rorts, rackets and rip-offs; they are only concerned about rorts, rackets and rip-offs that involve someone who is no longer one of their own. We know, despite all the allegations against Kathy Jackson, that she used to be one of their best mates. She was one of Bill Shorten's best mates. She was one of Senator Conroy's best mates. She was embedded in their factional system in the Victorian ALP. The only time they started to care about her activities was when she started blowing the whistle on other people's dodgy activities within the union movement.


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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (11:21): I am really pleased to follow the particularly ridiculous rant that we just heard from Senator Bilyk. I am pleased to speak as someone who did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. My father and his family came from the former Yugoslavia. On a very modest income my dad raised six of us. He took cleaning jobs, as we all did, in order to make sure we got by. I am not going to be lectured to by Senator Bilyk about silver spoons. What a ridiculous statement.


Senator Bilyk:Touchy!


Senator SESELJA:I know what it is to work, as do my family, as do those on this side. You sit there after this ridiculous rant, this ridiculous piece of class warfare. Some of the statements in Senator Bilyk's contribution are beneath even Senator Bilyk, like saying that you should not be saying to people, 'If you want to buy a house, you should try and get a good job.' What is the alternative?

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