Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital Territory) (17:34): I am really pleased to be able to contribute to this matter of public importance debate on the Turnbull government. This is a debate about priorities. It is a debate about our government's priorities. Senator Lines spent a lot of time talking about a republic. Fair enough, I am a republican.


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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (15:18): I find it highly ironic that Senator Gallagher is talking about housing affordability, given her record and the record of the government that she was part of in squeezing tens of thousands of Canberra families out of the housing market. It was achieved through deliberate policies, which colleagues like Bob Day have commented on in terms of other states. The ACT was at the forefront of these deliberate policies. They own a lot of land and they deliberately push the price of land up to keep their profits up as a government, forcing families to take on more and more debt just to get into the housing market. Then they put a massive tax on units for those who rent or for those who want to purchase a unit. It is no wonder that Senator Gallagher would not want to stay and defend her record on this, because the government she was part of and then led was just outrageous when it came to forcing Canberra families out of the housing market.

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 Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (19:20): Yesterday, I had the great privilege of attending, with Deborra-lee Furness and the team at Adopt Change, led by Jane Hunt, the launch of National Adoption Awareness Week 2015. National Adoption Awareness Week was founded by Deborra-Lee Furness in 2008 and is designed to raise awareness of adoption and provide education on the support needs of children and families. This offers real encouragement to the thousands of Australian families who are ready, willing and able to embrace those children in need and give them a stable home.

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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (10:42): Before I speak in support of the Customs Amendment (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2015 and the Customs Tariff Amendment (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2015, which I am very pleased to do, I will briefly respond to some of Senator Whish-Wilson's commentary. I take his comment that 'free trade deals are about spin' as almost summing up the Greens policy towards free trade, towards this free trade agreement and towards other free trade agreements. I think it is an interesting analysis. We heard Senator Whish-Wilson saying, 'There are winners and losers in these deals and one cancels out the other.' He did not of course acknowledge the great enabling potential of free trade to grow the world economy and to grow the Australian economy, as we have seen over decades. In fact over hundreds of years we have seen the prosperity of trading nations rise.

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Senator SESELJA(Australian Capital Territory) (15:09): It is difficult to know where to start with the Labor Party's question time strategy for today, given that Senator Cameron decided that he would take note of all the questions. You can see them flailing around for a message. They do not know what their message is going to be. But what we do know is that none of it is credible. It is not credible when Senator Cameron says it, it is not credible when Senator Conroy says it, and it is certainly not credible when Bill Shorten says it on behalf of the opposition. Let us look at a couple of things they raised and see how seriously we can take them.

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