CPSU Hypocrisy On Outsourcing

After months of running dishonest campaigns against DHS, the CPSU has successfully applied to the Fair Work Commission for a private sector company to conduct its ballot for protected action.


“The CPSU has criticised DHS’ outsourcing of call centre work, document storage and payments, alleging it threatens the jobs of APS employees,” stated Senator Zed Seselja.

Based on this premise the CPSU’s nomination of Queensland based, RMK Investments Pty Ltd, trading as the Australian Election Company, to conduct the protected action ballot of DHS employees, equally threatens the jobs of Australian Electoral Commission employees.

“The CPSU has even gone so far as to pay to avoid using the AEC, since applicants for a protected action ballot pay the full cost of holding the ballot if they don’t use the AEC.”

Senator Seselja said that the CPSU had dishonestly targeted contracting out as an issue at DHS, ahead of a ballot by DHS employees on strike action.

“The CPSU and Labor have targeted DHS employees with baseless scares about superannuation, casual employees, call centres, documents storage and Medicare IT systems.”

“Now the CPSU’s double standards have been exposed.”

“The CPSU cannot one hand run a scare campaign on outsourcing, whilst on the other hand actively choosing to not use the public service when the opportunity arises,” concluded Senator Seselja.