Labor's plan to get rid of PPL for public servants


The Prime Minister in Question Time yesterday called on Labor to come clean about their plans for paid parental leave for public servants.


“I can only assume that should the current Opposition ever come back into Government  that they would change the public service rules to prevent public servants from being paid at their wage when they take paid parental leave. 

Madame Speaker, the only conclusion we can draw from the repeated attacks by the Opposition of the Government’s policy to ensure the rest of the population get the same benefits that public servants get – that they want to take these benefits away from public servants.  That is the only conclusion that can be drawn.” 


Senator Zed Seselja has called on Senator Kate Lundy, Gai Brodtmann MP and Andrew Leigh MP to confirm whether their opposition to the Government’s paid parental leave scheme extends to the current benefits awarded to public servants.

 “Fifty percent of the workforce in Canberra are employed in the private sector.  Labor representatives are either saying that this fifty percent are less valuable than public servants, or they are calling for public servants’ awards to be cut,” concluded Senator Seselja.