More Evidence Emerges of Labor's Job Cuts

Today’s Senate Estimates hearings with the Department of Human Services shed further light on the extent of Labor’s public service job cuts, Senator Zed Seselja said today. The Department confirmed that between 2009/10 and 2012/13, the number of staff employed in DHS dropped from 36,019 to 31,795, a drop of 4,224 positions.


“Today we saw more evidence of Labor’s job cuts while in Government, jobs which they consistently claimed were not being cut,” stated Senator Seselja.

“It’s already well-known that Labor made decisions late in their term of Government to cut 14,500 public service jobs, a fact which local ALP representatives have done their best to hide. Today’s evidence just provides another example of the fact that Andrew Leigh, Kate Lundy and Gai Brodtman oversaw massive job cuts in the public service, all the while criticising the Coalition for its 2,000 job cuts,” concluded Senator Seselja.