Statement on the proposed decentralisation of the APS

“I have been on the record and made it very clear that I support Canberra as the national capital and the centre of government.

“If the Commonwealth wants to consider moving government departments they should be moved from Sydney or Melbourne rather than Canberra, which is a regional centre.

“This decision focuses on non-policy related areas of the public service. 

“As I did with the Immigration Department in Belconnen and DSS in Tuggeranong I will forcefully fight to ensure our departments remain in Canberra.

“Last year, for the first time, the Government announced that local impacts would be considered on any public service relocations.  And that policy still stands.

“The relocation of a small department like APVMA was difficult enough and resulted in the loss of a large proportion of highly trained specialist staff.

“I am very disappointed about this decision. Departments have important jobs to do and shouldn’t be wasting their time justifying why they should stay in Canberra which was designed to be the centre of government.”

Media Contact: Veronica Hayes 0401 815 853