Local debt counselling centre opens in Tuggeranong


Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is excited to announce a brand new debt counselling centre opening in Monash. With over 40 centres Australia wide, CAP hopes to bring it’s unique free debt counselling services to those in need.

Russell Driscoll, Centre Manager at CAP Debt Centre Canberra South, says “Here at CAP, we are able to assist anyone in any sort financial difficulty, regardless of their situation or circumstance. We have a strong relationship with creditors and financial institutions and a long history of setting people free from their debt.”

“I am really excited to be bringing our unique approach to Canberra South, I want to see our community set free from debt and the anxiety and pressures that come with it,” Russell Driscoll said.

“So often vulnerable families find themselves in tough situations and don’t know where to turn so I’m really pleased to officiating the opening of this counselling centre which will deliver much needed services to the local community,” Senator Seselja said today.

Christians Against Poverty has already seen over 800 families set free from debt since its conception with over $4 million of debt paid off in 2015 alone. CAP is currently handling clients with over $10 million in unsustainable debt with centres now operating across all state and territories.

The charity has been operating in Canberra North for nearly a decade but has never been able to meet the home visit demand of potential clients in Canberra South until recently when it partnered with The Impact Centre at Monash. 

CAP urges anyone concerned about their financial situation to call 1300 227 000 without delay, or to visit capaust.org.