Delivering community-led crime prevention programs for the ACT


Today the Coalition Government is boosting investment in the safety of the Canberra community delivering a $470,513 grant to help support the work of the Canberra Police Community Youth Club (PCYC).

The funding comes from Round Two of the Coalition’s Safer Streets Programme which supports communities at the grass roots to help address crime and anti-social behaviour, and boost crime prevention initiatives to keep our streets safe.  

Minister for Justice Michael Keenan said the funding would ensure Canberra PCYC continues its excellent work with young people at risk of criminal or anti-social activity.  


The investment will allow Canberra PCYC to undertake the Project Booyah – a police run leadership and mentor program that uses adventure-based learning, resilience training and policing strategies to help young people aged 14-16 years make better life choices. 

“Only safe communities can be strong and prosperous, and the best way to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is to prevent it from happening,” Mr Keenan said. 


The funding has been drawn from the Proceeds of Crime Account – money taken from criminals and reinvested into prevention of further crime. 


“We will continue to reinvest money confiscated from criminals, and put those funds towards projects that make our streets and communities safer,” Mr Keenan said. 


Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja said the Coalition was proud to support Canberra PCYC because PCYC’s across the country played a vital role in delivering local strategies that have a real impact on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. 


“We are grateful for the work that this organisation does. They make a very significant contribution to making our streets safer,” Mr Seselja said. 


In the first funding round, the Safer Streets Programme provided $19.5 million for specific projects for the installation of CCTV and lighting. This is the second round of funding which will be delivered in two streams.  

The first stream will fund community safety infrastructure such as CCTV and lighting. CCTV is an effective crime prevention measure that provides significant deterrence to anti-social behaviour and is a valuable investigative tool.  The second stream will deliver crime prevention initiatives by supporting the vital work of PCYC and Bluelight organisations across the country.