Barr rejects Tuggeranong yet again - what's new?


Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja has hit back at Andrew Barr’s comments stating he is not going to open up further land for development in West Tuggeranong as further evidence of he and his Government’s disdain for Tuggeranong. 

“Andrew Barr has shown his priorities today by that he does not want to open up more affordable housing options for the people of Tuggeranong but is happy to spend almost $1 billion on light rail” Senator Seselja said today.

 “Andrew Barr is happy to keep massively increasing the rates of Tuggeranong residents yet he is not prepared to even consider spending some of that money on bridges to deliver affordable housing and to revitalise the ailing Town Centre. All the while southside residents vote with their feet and take their tax dollars to Googong ” Senator Seselja concluded. 

Member for Brindabella, Andrew Wall MLA has welcomed Senator Seselja’s call for more affordable housing options and support for small businesses in his home area of Tuggeranong. 

“ACT Labor has left Tuggeranong out of their future plans for our city. 

“Andrew Barr is again showing disdain for Tuggeranong by dismissing this out of hand. It’s a missed opportunity for young people wishing to enter the housing market and it’s a missed opportunity for small business particularly in the Tuggeranong Town Centre. 

“Whilst there is certainly a lot of work to do before committing to any such development, we should be open to considering all opportunities that will enhance Tuggeranong. 

“We know that people largely shop where it is convenient to do so, they shop local. We should be doing all we can to ensure that their local is Tuggeranong.  

“An expanded Tuggeranong would also help to grow and strengthen the existing community with greater demand for small businesses, for facilities and local schools, and would also see more people participating in local sports and other community activities” Mr Wall concluded