New Senior Facilities for Brindabella Christian College


Senator Zed Seselja will today officially open new facilities at Brindabella Christian College in Lyneham.


Students and staff at Brindabella Christian College now have full use of their new canteen and senior common area. The Australian Government provided $175,000 in funding from the Capital Grants Programme.

Senator Seselja will attend the opening on behalf of Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training.

“I’m honoured to be visiting Brindabella Christian College this morning to see firsthand the new canteen and senior common area,” Senator Seselja said. 

“Students and the whole school community will benefit from using these new facilities.” 

The Australian Government is contributing a record $69.5 billion to government, independent and Catholic schools over the budget and forward estimates – this represents a $4.1 billion, or 27.9 per cent, increase between 2014-15 and 2018-19.  

As well as delivering increased funding, the Australian Government is focussing on quality and choice for schools.


“While buildings alone do not make a great school, I hope students and staff will enjoy the use of these new facilities,” Senator Ryan said.  

“The Australian Government is committed to improving the quality of our schools and equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world,” Senator Ryan said. 


Senator Ryan is responsible for the Capital Grants Programme, which provides funding for non-government schools to improve capital infrastructure where they otherwise may not have access to sufficient capital resources.