ACT Labor Lied to Canberrans on Job Cuts

Reports today show that the Labor Party set in train 14,473 cuts to public service jobs prior to the election.  This illustrates that Senator Kate Lundy, a then member of cabinet, and her fellow Labor members – Gai Brodtmann and Andrew Leigh, openly lied to Canberrans about the jobs they were cutting.


On the 1st February 2012, Senator Lundy in response to a Canberra Times article titled “14,000 PS jobs set to be slashed”, stated;

 The figures presented in the Canberra Times today are not correct.”

 Furthermore on 6th September  2013, Senator Lundy stated on ABC 666 radio;

 “We have seen from Zed Seselja and the Liberals over the course of this campaign counter claims about job losses that have got increasingly shrill and incredible.  The most recent was I think 14,000 that you’re up to Zed on some dubious calculation.”

 The forward estimates funding profile translates into 8,819 fewer APS jobs, implicit in the staffing expenditure forecasts.  This reduction – combined with another 846 jobs from “more efficient management structures” and 4,808 through the “Additional Efficiency Divided to 2.25 per cent” – takes the total reduction in public sector staff to 14,473 according to the advice, given to the new Government by the Department of Finance.

 “Whilst running an entire campaign focussed on supposedly saving jobs, Labor was cutting jobs behind Canberrans’ backs,” stated Senator Seselja. “Labor members blatantly lied to the people of Canberra.”

 Labor’s cuts were largely unfunded, forcing a large number of departments and agencies to offer redundancies for which they were not funded and which has pushed some of them into operating losses.

 “Not only did the former government lie about their job cuts, they irresponsibly also failed to ensure that departments could continue to meet their budgets.”

 “The former Labor Government has done extensive damage to Australia’s fiscal budget line and thrown our local economy in to disarray by creating instability and uncertainty.  Local Labor members have shown unashamed disrespect for Canberrans and their livelihoods,” concluded Senator Seselja.