A Strong and Effective Watchdog for the Building Industry

Senator Zed Seselja has welcomed the Government’s move to re-establish a powerful, independent regulator to reform Australia’s building industry and maintain the rule of law in the sector, under a Bill introduced to Federal Parliament earlier today.


The Government has introduced the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 which would re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission to stamp out lawlessness and improve productivity on building sites.

“Workers in our local community deserve to be able to go to work each day without the fear of being harassed, intimidated or the subject of violence,” Senator Seselja said today.

“Australia cannot afford to have a building and construction industry which is inefficient and unstable. The restoration of the ABCC and the code which supports its work is a critical reform for Australia.”

The Bill makes it clear that unlawful action will not be tolerated and there are significant penalties for taking unlawful industrial action, or for engaging in or organising an unlawful picket. 

Safeguards are built into the legislation to ensure that the ABCC is able to separate legitimate protests from unlawful and organised picketing aimed at disrupting building and construction work.

A wide range of effective remedies will also be available to the ABCC and parties affected by unlawful behaviour, including injunctions.

 “The changes encourage productivity and the pursuit of high levels of employment in the building and construction industry,” Senator Seselja said.

“This industry is a major employer that is vital to job creation and essential to Canberra’s economic and social well-being.

“The Bill will restore the ABCC to ensure that, on commercial building sites, the rule of law is respected, productivity is improved, jobs are created and major national construction projects are kept on track,” Senator Seselja concluded.