Andrew Barr has moved from anger to delusion as he struggles to come to terms with Labor’s loss in the federal election, evidenced by his stadium rant yesterday.

It is clear Mr Barr was banking on a federal Labor Government to bail his administration out (something which would not have happened) and now continues to seek to blame the Commonwealth for his shocking mismanagement.

A few facts for Mr Barr. Since coming to government, the Liberal-National Government has:

  • More than doubled hospital funding to $425 million in this financial year, from $203 million a year under the last Labor Government.
  • Increased Commonwealth funding to the Territory to $2.4 billion this financial year, up by $836.8 million from Labor’s last full year in office.
  • Cut income tax and taxes for small and medium business.  

While over the same time period, Barr as ACT Treasurer:

  • Has delivered more than $2 billion in deficits
  • Is in real terms, cutting health spending.
  • Is tripling rates for Canberrans.

Despite pocketing  huge increases in Commonwealth spending, tripling our rates and receiving a projected 65% increase in revenue over 10 years since ACT Labor’s Tax grab began in 2011/12, Andrew Barr is continuing to deliver deficits, cut health spending in real terms and delay investment in infrastructure for the ACT, including a new stadium.

It takes a special kind of mismanagement to triple rates, pocket record revenue from the Commonwealth, cut health spending, and still deliver record deficits. It’s time for Mr Barr to take responsibility for the mess he has created.