Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh could put a dollar figure on how much extra tax he planned to gouge, but laughed off concerns he couldn’t put a number on just how many Australians would be worse off under Labor’s Retiree Tax grab in another show of Labor’s contempt for Australian retirees in an interview on ABC Canberra this morning.

Five times Mr Leigh was asked if he could identify how many Australians will be affected by Labor’s reckless policy, and five times in his own Michael Daley moment Mr Leigh was unable to give an answer as “I just don’t have it in front of me at the moment.”

When pushed for the fourth time to identify how many Australians would be worse off under this policy, Mr Leigh laughed off the question.

INTERVIEWER:                  You might think it a pedantic number but is it not crucial given you’re prosecuting this policy to be able to tell people now how many of them are affected?

LEIGH:                                  [LAUGHS] …I simply don’t have it on the iPad in front of me.

INTERVIEWER:                  If the finance spokesperson doesn’t have the number how much confidence does that give people or not that this policy is fair and just?

These comments come off the back of Chris Bowen arrogantly dismissing concerns on the impact of Labor’s tax, telling retirees that if they don’t like the policy then they should vote against Labor.

We know that around 910,000 Australians will be almost $2,300 a year worse off.

Mr Leigh also likened retirees receiving franking credits to multinational corporate tax avoiders in his interview, confirming his contempt for around 910,000 Australians. This is nothing more than a blatant tax grab by Labor, targeting those who have done the right thing, grown their nest egg and planned to provide for their own retirement.

In contrast the Liberal-National Government has a plan for a stronger economy with lower taxes, including relief for more than 95 per cent of taxpayers.