Canberra retirees will have around $1,800 ripped from their pockets every year under Labor’s retiree tax, new data from the ATO has revealed.

“This is an unfair and arbitrary tax targeting around 15,000 retirees in the ACT who have done nothing wrong, except diligently plan and save for their retirement,” Senator Seselja said.

“Canberrans will have their chance to have their concerns on Labor’s unashamed tax grab heard today, with a public hearing for the Parliamentary enquiry being held at Parliament House.”

In recent months, hundreds of retirees have voiced their deep seated anger and worry about the impact that Labor’s tax would have on their quality of life in retirement.

Yet Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has arrogantly dismissed these concerns, telling retirees that if they don’t like the policy then they should vote against Labor.

“Labor like to put the truth to one side when they find it inconvenient, but the truth is the people they are hurting the most are those on lower taxable incomes.”

“Tens of thousands of pensioners across the country – including Canberrans – receiving dividends with franking credits, will be denied a refund in the future. Labor needs to stop the lying about their so called ‘pensioner guarantee’, when the fact is pensioners will be hit by this tax.”

“This is nothing more than a blatant tax grab by Labor, targeting those who have done the right thing, grown their nest egg and planned to provide for their own retirement.”

“Labor’s only plan is for more than $200 billion in additional taxes to people’s homes, investments, income, family businesses and electricity.”

“When Labor runs out of money, they always end up coming after yours.”

“In contrast the Liberal-National Government has a plan for a stronger economy with lower taxes, including relief for more than 95 per cent of taxpayers.”

“The only way to stop Labor’s retiree tax is to vote for the Liberal-National Government.”