Under Labor, rents in Canberra are set to rise by up to $3,000 a year if their reckless Housing Tax policy becomes law, data released by SQM Research today has revealed.

Canberrans have already had their homes taxed by Labor locally, and cannot afford another Labor Tax Grab.

This sharp warning follows independent modelling commissioned by the Master Builders Association confirming construction jobs will be lost, housing construction commencement will slow, and billions will be drained from the economy.

Labor aren’t even able to name a start date for their Housing Tax, which SQM have found could drop house values in Canberra by ten percent, creating more uncertainty in the market.

In contrast, the Liberal-National Government is investing in the ACT. We have delivered $500 million for the massive expansion of the War Memorial, $100 million each for the Monaro and Barton Highways, and have doubled our hospital funding to $2.6 billion.

We already knew Labor’s Housing Sledgehammer would be a lose-lose policy, if you own your home it will be worth less and if you rent your home it will cost you more.

Now we know how much more it will cost Canberra renters, and Canberrans who own their family home.

Canberrans can’t afford Labor.