Liberal Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja, said the Liberal-National Government will introduce legislation in the next sitting week to lock in reforms to the GST distribution system that will see the ACT $46 million better off.

“This is $46 million in additional funds the Territory can invest in roads, schools, and hospitals,” Senator Seselja said.

“As a priority, we will introduce legislation that locks these reforms into place, providing the certainty needed for the new, fairer, GST distribution system. It prevents the system becoming a political football.”

“This additional $46 million builds on the Liberal-National Governments significant investment in the ACT.”

“This Budget we announced the biggest Commonwealth funding package ever for hospitals in the ACT – $2.5 billion.”

“The Monaro and Barton Highways are set for upgrades with a massive commitment of $200 million from the Liberal-National Government, and we have delivered a package that will see a huge increase in funding for government and non-government school across the Territory.”

“These changes are overdue, and it’s time we lock them in. Our government’s position is clear. Our government’s reforms ensure the ACT, along with every state and territory across the country, will be better off,” Senator Seselja concluded.