Today we have seen another thought bubble from Bill Shorten and Labor, with an opportunistic and ill-thought out ‘plan’ to address homelessness.


Proving that Bill Shorten is all gesture and no action, he reiterated his election promise to halve homelessness levels in Australia by 2025. But more than a year later, he still has no clear policy direction.


We have seen this sort of talk from Labor before. In 2008, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also promised to halve homelessness – and failed.


Parroting Kevin Rudd’s failure is not a plan.


Bill Shorten and Labor think they can solve homelessness by simply appointing a housing minister, recycling Kevin Rudd’s National Housing Supply Council, and copying Government policies to establish a bond aggregator and new National Housing Affordability Agreement.


Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Michael Sukkar, said, “This is just another example of Bill Shorten making promises he won’t keep.”


“Labor is once again misleading the sector, making false assertions that the Government has cut funding for homelessness, when we have actually now made funding permanent and indexed it in the Budget,” Assistant Minister Sukkar said.


Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs, Zed Seselja, said, “Through the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, the Turnbull Government is working with the States and Territories to secure concrete outcomes to increase housing supply, including for those most in need, and providing an additional $375 million over three years to people experiencing homelessness and those in need of crisis accommodation.”


“Additionally, the bond aggregator will help fill the financing gap and provide cheaper and longer-term finance for community housing providers”, Assistant Minister Sukkar added.


The Government is getting on with the job and delivering outcomes for Australians across the entire housing spectrum, from first home buyers, to renters, to older Australians looking to downsize, to those in social and community housing and those experiencing homelessness.


Only the Turnbull Government can be trusted to make housing more affordable for all Australians.


Media contacts: Assistant Minister Sukkar: Julianna Burgess – 0428 401 559; Assistant Minister Seselja: Angela McGuiness – 02 6277 3187